Protecting TCP/UDP services

The Safeness service for protecting TCP/UDP services from DDoS attacks provides filtering of any types of malicious traffic, connected via a ​WireGuard-based tunnel.

We provide you with protection against DDoS attacks at several levels, from the level of protection for game servers to the level of protection for hosting and other large-scale projects.

Frequently asked questions

How does network security work?

We accept them, filter all traffic and deliver only legitimate traffic. The filtering system operates in Always-On mode, which allows you to effectively block all known types of attacks from the first anomalous packet or flow.

Will I pay extra if I am hit by a massive attack?

No, you do not pay extra for filtered malicious traffic.

Location & Peers

At the moment we are working with servers in Germany; other locations will not have a guarantee of the stability of the tunnel.

The router equipment is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Own DNS servers in Germany.