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Website protection

We will provide protection against DDoS attacks at the L7 OSI level and trace malicious intrusion attempts

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Network protection

Protect server network infrastructure from DDoS attacks at L3-L4 OSI layers

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A hardware and software network security system that filters the server's data stream

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Frequently asked questiond

What is a DDoS attack in simple words?

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a stream of attack traffic aimed at a particular online resource with the aim of disabling it and leading to complete or partial inaccessibility to users.

Why are DDoS attacks dangerous?

Unavailability of the resource. This way, the business owner will lose potential profits and audience. And in the future, users may not return to this resource.

Suspension of processes in the company. Restoring internal online services after a DDoS attack can take hours or even days. Prolonged downtime has a negative impact on business processes. Possible consequences: delay in delivery of goods, payment of penalties, loss of reputation and business partners.

Loss of position in search results, which reduces the company’s recognition among potential clients and greatly damages its reputation. Resources invested in promotion do not pay off.

How does the DDoS attack protection system work?

All incoming traffic is analyzed, anomalies and suspicious activity are identified. Malicious packets and requests are discarded, while legitimate ones pass through to the client resource.