Firewall service

A firewall is a type of system used to monitor connections between computer networks.

A firewall either allows or blocks a requested network connection, such as a website, mail, and others, based on a set of rules.

Frequently asked questions

How do Firewall versions differ?

Firewall Lite Free - Your starting shield for reliable server protection at no extra cost.

Firewall Pro - Advanced server protection that ensures the reliability and security of your online presence.

Firewall Full - Advanced server protection with additional modules to ensure the security of your business.

Firewall One - Maximum server protection that reliably protects your online infrastructure from any threats.

Packet Filters (Stateless Firewall)

A packet filter firewall controls network access by analyzing outgoing and incoming packets. It decides whether to grant access to a packet by checking it based on predefined criteria such as allowed IP addresses, packet type, port number, etc. It should be noted that this type of firewall will not be able to prevent all types of attacks.

Stateful packet inspection (Stateful Firewall)

Stateful packet inspection (SPI), also sometimes called dynamic packet filtering, is a powerful firewall architecture that examines traffic flows from end to end. They monitor connections in both directions and monitor the status of that connection. These firewalls use an intelligent way to protect against unwanted traffic by analyzing packet headers and checking their status along with providing proxy services. They operate at the network layer in the OSI model.